Who Are We

The Women of Imagery (WOI) is a membership based organization that is dedicated to the support and development of women within the community.  As a member of WOI, women have a voice in the decisions made through this group to serve themselves and the community.  Women of Imagery’s goal is to provide women with opportunities to reflect on their past and present circumstances.  Emotional healing, reflection, self esteem, and the various relationships that women have encountered have a direct impact on their ability to:

  • Make sound decisions
  • Set and attain their goals
  • Seek out the appropriate resources to attain their dreams


Imagery would like to connect women with the valuable opportunity to have access to a life coach.  The connection to a professional life coach will help women to find meaning and purpose in everyday life, get back to a balanced life, build on your strengths for even greater success, make your next job the career of your dreams, and focus on life skills to help with personal growth.  Coaching for Leadership describes a life coach as “A coach helps ordinary folks do extraordinary things. A coach provides sturdy shoulders to stand on so one can see farther than they might see on their own.”

In an effort to address the issues above Women of Imagery have come up with three main service projects:

·         Annual Women’s Retreat and Seminars- 2-3 Day Conference with topics to include relationships (men, women, and professional), self esteem, trust, etiquette, Why we are who we are, decision making process.  There will also be keynote professional motivational speakers.  We also would like to offer on-going workshops for our members and the community related to topics such as basic car maintenance, styling yourself, make-up, etc.

·         Diamond in the Rough Campaign- Provide young women (18-21) with opportunity to set and attain small goals in an effort to increase self esteem and establish a pattern of success.  This campaign will provide mentorship and financial grants for minor expenses that will help them meet their goals.

·         Imagery in Motion Scholarship Fund- Provide educational scholarships to members and the community to further their educational goals.

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