Our Mission

Women of Imagery’s mission is to provide resources to women that will assist in overcoming their p
resent circumstances, empowering them to realize their dreams.

Vision Statement
To stimulate the advancement of women by producing an environment that enhances their ability to visualize their dreams, allowing them to determine their own path in life.  To create a legacy of women that offers positive personal and professional relationships within the community.

The Definition of Imagery

Imagery- A set of mental pictures or images. 

a. A group or body of related images, as in a painting or poem. 

b. The art of making such images.

Why we chose Imagery?  As women, we are on a continuous path, in which we make steps forward, a few steps back, and tumbles on and off the road, until we reach our final destination, dreams, and goals.  You can take a snapshot of this journey on any day, and every image would look different.  We took a reflective look at all of the images that makes up our lives and it was clear that as a woman, we are a work of progressive art.  The mental images that make up our past, present, and future as individuals and a cohesive group of women, can easily make up a book of poems, a wall of paintings, an amazing figure of IMAGERY.  The beauty in the IMAGERY that we bring to the table provides amazing opportunity to serve ourselves and the community.  Let’s get ready to share our Imagery with the world.  #TEAMIMAGERY